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Matte card sleeve 全哥游戏王 62x89mm First Layer card protector card holder Trading card games sleeves yugioh 第一层卡套 防汗 蒙砂
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Q: How do I know if this card sleeve can be loaded into my card?

Answer: The size of the Sleeve is provided. Check the size of your card. If it is smaller than the size of the card sleeve, it means it is suitable to you . For example: The Sleeve size wide 6.2cm (62mm) and long 8.9cm (89mm) .Smaller Then the Sleeve Size, Mean your can Direct Place order .

Example :
️Yugioh Card Size : 58mm x 85mm (5.8cm x 8.5cm)
️Vanguard Card Size :58x85mm
️Battle Spirit BS :58mm x 85mm

62x89 mm Matte card sleeve 店长推荐 磨砂防手汗 卡套 60PCS yugioh vanguard battlespirit .

Trading card games 适合大多数集换式卡牌游戏 :
-KONAMI Yugioh YGO 游戏王
-Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard 卡片战斗先导者
-Battle Spirit BS 战斗之魂

Company Name : Forever Gift House 全哥游戏王

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