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50PCS 65x92 Second Layer Matte Card Sleeve 全哥10年老店 店长推荐第二层防汗 磨砂卡套 卡膜 65x92 Card game Yugioh Vanguard
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Second Layer
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Option 选择 :
One Side-matte 单层蒙砂 65X92MM 50PCS (One Side Matte , One Side Clear )
Both-Side Matte 双面蒙砂 66X92MM 50PCS (Double Matte New Arrival 新到货 )
Both-Side Clear 双面透明 66X92MM 50PCS

Product Description :
Recommended 65x92 50PCS :
️ Mainly solve the problem of players who are prone to sweating in their hands, and there will be no sticky and disgusting scenes.
️ Matte sleeve deck shuffle is relatively smooth .
️Complete protection First layer sleeve .
️This is the second layer of the card sleeve, usually after the first layer of the official card sleeve of Yu-Gi-Oh is inserted , this layer is put on, which is 65x92mm.
️If you are not sure if it can be inserted, use a ruler to measure the card you want to insert, our card sleeve size is 65x92mm.

What is the difference between One Side Matte (Option One Side Matte 50PCS)?
Forever Gift Replied:
1) The design of "One Side Matte" is that one side is Matte and the other side is Transparent.

2) The Transparent design is easy to read the effect, the transparent is more slippery, the Matte is anti-sweat, it is thicker, and the shuffling is smooth.

3) If you want durable and easy shuffling, it is recommended to choose Option: Both-Side Matte 50PC

4) The Matte part is actually transparent and will not hinder the reading effect

Note: Please allow slightly difference due to manual measurement.


产品描述 :
店长推荐 65x92 50PCS:
️这是第二层卡套,通常装上游戏王官方卡套第一层后,就套上这层,也就是65x92mm 。
️如果你不确定是否能够装入,用尺量看你要装入的卡,我们的卡套尺寸是 65x92mm 。

单面蒙砂(选项 One Side Matte 50PCS)是什么分别?
3)如果想要耐用和洗牌容易,建议选择双层蒙砂 ,选项: Both-Side Matte 50PC



For First Layer Sleeve Protection 适合大多数集换式卡牌游戏 :
-KONAMI Yugioh YGO 游戏王
-Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard 卡片战斗先导者
-Magic The Gathering 万智牌
-Battle Spirit BS .


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