P69 Yugioh Playmat Black-Winged Assault Dragon DIY 全哥游戏王卡垫 黑羽强袭龙 Playmat Card Game PC Gaming Mat Desk 卡墊动漫桌垫
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P69 Black-Winged Assault Dragon Yugioh Playmat DIY 全哥游戏王卡垫 黑羽强袭龙 Playmat Card Game PC Gaming Mat Desk 卡墊动漫桌垫

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DIY Non-Official Playmat Desktop Mat Product Description :
️Size Around 59CM X 34CM ((The manufacturer said that 1~2CM error is normal))
️High Quality Colour
️Eco-friendly rubber , Support washing
️Free Bag Protector
️PC Mouse Pad
️Suitable For Trading card game / Board Game Playmat
️Suitable For Home/Desk mat

1. The Playmat is a machine-printed product. The manufacturer mentioned that a few small dots (if any) are normal (only 0.1% of the total area). Normal display on the overall color mat is not obvious . Perfectionists should consider before placing an order .

2. The Playmat taken by mobile phone will be different to compare real stock you recieved due to the reason of camera photo lighting and Colour effect, but it is very close to the ready stock , and the specific color is based on the goods you receive.

DIY 非官方卡垫桌垫产品描述 :
️尺寸大约为 59CM X 34CM (厂家说 1~2CM误差属于正常)
️适合卡牌桌游 Trading Card Game Playmat

1.卡垫是机器印刷制品,厂家有提及几颗小点(如有)属于正常(只占总面积的0.1%),在全彩的卡垫上是不明显的 ,强迫症者求手下留情,慎拍。


Trading card games 适合大多数集换式卡牌游戏 :
#KONAMI Yugioh YGO 游戏王
#BROCCOLI ZX Zillions of enemy X
#Weiß Schwarz WS Bushiroad
#Bushiroad Cardfight Vanguard 卡片战斗先导者
#Pokemon Card Games 神奇宝贝宝可梦卡牌
#Magic The Gathering 万智牌
#BANDAI Digimon 数码宝贝 Card Games
#Battle Spirit BS 战斗之魂
#DragonBall 七龙珠
#Other 其他等等

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