【全哥】DIGIMON BANDAI Starter Deck ST-9 ST-10 ST4 ST5 ST6 ST7 ST9 ST10 Structure Deck Digimon Card game 数码宝贝纸牌 牌组
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Structure Deck

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Official Japanese Original Version 日文官方正版:
Digimon TCG Starter Decks ST-9 Ultimate Ancient Dragon and ST-10 Otherworld Strategist.

Digimon Card Game Starter Deck ST9 & ST10 Bandai
Card types
16 types
Common: 6 types, Uncommon: 5 types, Rare: 3 types, Super Rare: 2 types
Start Deck (1 set of 54 cards), 2 memory gauges
1 play sheet
3 Indices

Release Date 发售日 : 29-10-2021