Hard Card Sleeve 全哥游戏王 60X87 Inner Layer card protector card holder Trading card games sleeves yugioh 内层 内胆 硬卡套 卡牌
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Inner Sleeve
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Variation Option A & B Product Description : :

Option A HARD VERSION 内层硬卡套 : 60MM X87MM / Yugioh Vanguard (100Pcs Per Pack 100张一包 )
Recommended by the store manager:
The quality of this inner card sleeve is much harder than other brands. It feels thick when it touches. The quality is excellent, highly recommended! !


Option B THIN VERSION 超薄内层卡套 : 60.5 MM X 88 MM / Yugioh Vanguard (100Pcs Per Pack 100张一包 )
Customer Using Experience:
The advantage is that it is cheap affordable , ultra-thin, and light. It is convenient to store a large amount in the card box without taking up space. Compared with option A, Hard Version will take up a large amount of card box space due to its thickness.

Summary: If you have difficulty in choosing, it is recommended to buy a pack of each to try it out, So easier for the next repurchase ! !

*Yugioh & Vanguard can be use !!

*After installing this inner layer, you can still put in the First Layer of Yugioh card Sleeve.

Company Name : Forever Gift House 全哥游戏王

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